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Company Profile

Established in Colorado in 1999, hyperI/O LLC is a privately-held Limited Liability Company located in Boulder, Colorado.  Nestled up against the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains about 30 miles northwest of Denver, the city of Boulder and its surrounding area feature the presence of a multitude of computer-related firms (both long-established Fortune 1000 businesses as well as new entrepreneurial start-ups).  The list of companies present within the area include I.B.M., Oracle, Seagate, and Western Digital Corporation.  Many of these firms are directly involved in the area of computer storage peripherals.

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and IBM Business Partner, hyperI/O is a registered member of the IBM PartnerWorld, a worldwide program that supports developers who build solutions using IBM technologies.  The hIOmon I/O Performance Monitor is listed within the IBM PartnerWorld Global Solutions Directory (GSD).

hyperI/O is also an active participant in several Technical Work Groups (TWG) of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) including the:

  • “I/O Traces, Tools, and Analysis (IOTTA)” TWG – hyperI/O has been an active member of this TWG since 2005.

  • “Solid State Storage (SSS)” TWG – hyperI/O has been a contributor to the “SSS Performance Test Specification (PTS)” standard, which defines a set of device level tests and methodologies intended to enable comparative testing of SSS devices.

In addition, hyperI/O is an active member of the SNIA “Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative (CMSI)” and previously made available a specially-tailored version of the hIOmon software for use by the SNIA CMSI WIOCP.

Focus and Goals

Understanding and evaluating disk storage I/O operation performance can often be a daunting if not difficult task.

Our focus is directed towards the design, development, and use of software tools that both measure and monitor disk storage I/O operation performance.  This includes I/O operation performance as seen from individual application, file, and device perspectives – including both hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state storage solutions.

Overall, our goal is to help bring transparency to the determination and assessment of disk I/O performance.

Towards that end, we strive to provide a variety of users with hIOmon software tools and services that:

• Facilitate and foster a “top-down” approach towards understanding and evaluating disk storage I/O operation performance – especially in terms of empirical, pertinent metrics that reflect how their specific applications/workloads actually experience disk I/O operation performance within everyday usage

• Are simple, quick, and easy to use and acquire

• Enable users to maintain their privacy and security (for example, no need to send their I/O operation metrics to hyperI/O for summarization or any other processing)

Further information about the hyperI/O goals and solutions can be found at the hIOmon Store (www.hIOmon.com).

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