Determining and assessing disk storage I/O operation performance can be complicated, difficult, laborious, perplexing, time-consuming, frankly frustrating – and more.

The factors that contribute to such problematic pursuits are numerous and varied. As a result, determining and assessing disk I/O operation performance continues to be as much an art as it is a science.

Pertinent software tools can be the catalyst for substantial improvement in efforts to more appropriately establish and evaluate disk I/O performance.

Pertinent, Empirical Disk and Application I/O Performance Metrics

Ultimately, disk I/O performance is experienced from the perspective of applications particular to their users. This is a key vantage point from which pertinent, user-relevant assessments of disk I/O performance can be made.

Moreover, empirical I/O performance metrics that reflect I/O operations observed when and where they were actually performed provide a quantifiable, realistic basis for evaluating performance and associated decision-making.

hyperI/O is committed to bringing these pertinent, empirical I/O performance metrics to light within the nebula of disk I/O operation performance.


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