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  hyperI/O  is focused on helping:


  • Computer users improve the performance of their current computer systems, better exploit the latest computer systems (which feature faster processors, storage devices and interfaces), and position themselves for the computer systems of the future.

  • Application program developers improve the performance of their application programs (for example, those that make use of databases).

  • Computer system vendors gain product differentiation and better realization of the advanced performance potential incorporated into their latest product offerings.

With an industry background that spans from "large mainframe" to "open systems commodity" storage subsystems, hyperI/O expertise is based upon decades of hands-on experience with both hardware and software components (including various operating system interfaces as well as low-level firmware/microcode).  Our extensive skills stem in large part from the design and implementation of actual working products (including mainframe storage subsystems, device driver software and the unique hIOmon I/O Performance Monitor).  Please contact us for more information about our current hIOmon product offering.

We also offer an I/O Performance Monitoring service, featuring hIOmon -- the one and only full-function I/O Performance Monitor.  This unique and innovative Licensed Software is available only from hyperI/O and its authorized distributors/resellers.  Click here for additional details about this novel hyperI/O solution.

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