Welcome to the hyperI/O Website!

The hyperI/O website is open again!

Visitors to the website prior to this post will likely notice that we have done some extensive updates to the website.  The appearance has been refreshed with a new “look-and-feel”. We have also vastly streamlined the content.

So where did all of that excised content go?  Actually, the bulk of the expunged content was already present within the various documents.

So then where did all of those documents go?  The documents can now be found at our new hIOmon Services and Software Store (www.hIOmon.com).  The free demonstration versions of the hIOmon software are also now available for download at the hIOmon Store.

And for those who might perhaps be interested, I hope to be blogging regularly (better make that semi-regularly) about general topics germane to disk storage I/O performance, especially the measurement thereof.  Blog posts more closely related to the hIOmon software can be found at the hIOmon Store.

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